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Schwyz Peak-Challenge

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Our challenge makes summit collecting really fun. With tips from locals, you can find undiscovered peaks near you and start your next adventure far away from the hustle and bustle. Each peak tells its own story, told through the lens of locals. Record your unique summit experiences in the Outdoor Schwyz app and take part in the prize draw. This gives you the chance to win attractive prizes from all over the canton of Schwyz.

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01.07.2023 to 31.10.2023
Mountain HikeMountain Hike Trail Running Long-Distance Hiking Hiking route
Responsible for this challenge:
Schwyzer Wanderwege 


Rules and Regulations

Participants who have visited four of the eight specified mountain peaks and recorded them with the "Outdoor Schwyz" app will receive a finisher certificate. Prizes worth a total of over 1000 Swiss francs will be raffled off among the finishers at the beginning of November. No correspondence will be entered into about the competition.


Conditions of participation

  • The Challenge lasts from July 1, 2023 to and including October 31, 2023.
  • A user account with Outdooractive (free of charge) is required.
  • At least four mountain peaks must be reached and recorded with the app.
  • Only finishers can register for the raffle.
  • No correspondence will be entered into about the raffle.
  • Winners will be notified in writing.

Preparation for the Challenge

  1. Download the app "Outdoor Schwyz" from the Apple Store or Google Play.
  2. Create a user account with Outdooractive in the app in the "My Page" menu (register for free).
  3. Register for the Schwyz Summit Challenge in the "Challenges" menu and the hiking adventure can begin:
    Open the "Outdoor Schwyz" app and make sure you are logged into your user account in the "My Page" menu. Visit the specified mountain peak and record a short distance (100-200 m) around this location using the "Record" function and save the recording in your user account. The system will automatically check the progress of the challenge when synchronizing the user account.
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Main prizes:
  • Ascent and descent vouchers Sattel-Hochstuckli
  • Day Spa at the Wellness Hotel Stoos
  • FoodTrail Einsiedeln
  • Day tickets Rigi Bahnen

Consolation prizes:

  • Admission to the Roman-Irish Spa at the Swiss Holiday Park
  • Summit experience ticket Stoosbahnen
  • Power pack from the Kronenmetzg Rothenthurm
  • Crime Trail Einsiedeln
  • Return trip Rotenfluebahn
  • Rigi Cap
  • Day guided tour Einsiedeln Monastery
  • Drinking bottle Sattel-Hochstuckli
  • Urban Golf in Lachen
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Terms and Conditions

The challenge refers to Central European Time (CET). To participate in the Challenge, one of the activities "Hiking / Mountain Tour / Trail Running / Long Distance Hiking Trail" must be recorded in the Outdooractive app. The Outdooractive community guidelines must be followed, including health and travel restrictions in the chosen region. Reaching the challenge goal does not automatically result in receiving a prize. Users who reach the challenge goal while meeting all the conditions that must be met will have the opportunity to participate in a drawing. Prizes will not be awarded based on placement within the leaderboard or the first goal to be achieved, but will be awarded purely randomly at the beginning of November. Profile name and profile picture of the participant will appear in the challenge list.
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