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Mythen region - Hoch-Ybrig cableway tour

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  • Höhenweg Hoch-Ybrig
    / Höhenweg Hoch-Ybrig
    Photo: Einsiedeln-Ybrig-Zürichsee AG
  • / Bahnentour Mythenregion - Hoch-Ybrig
    Video: Einsiedeln-Ybrig-Zürichsee
  • / Abfahrt von der Rotenflue Richtung Ibergeregg
    Photo: Einsiedeln-Ybrig-Zürichsee AG
  • / Aufstieg zur Laucherenchappelen im Hoch-Ybrig
    Photo: Einsiedeln-Ybrig-Zürichsee AG
  • / Aufstieg zur Laucherenchappelen im Hoch-Ybrig
    Photo: Einsiedeln-Ybrig-Zürichsee AG
  • / Auf dem alten Schwyzerweg Richtung Oberiberg
    Photo: Einsiedeln-Ybrig-Zürichsee AG
  • / Abfahrt von der Rotenflue mit dem grossen Mythen im Hintergrund
    Photo: Einsiedeln-Ybrig-Zürichsee AG
  • / Höhenweg Hoch-Ybrig
    Photo: Einsiedeln-Ybrig-Zürichsee AG
  • / Gondelbahn Rotenflue in der Mythenregion
    Photo: Einsiedeln-Ybrig-Zürichsee AG
  • / Sesselbahn Laucheren im Hoch-Ybrig
    Photo: Einsiedeln-Ybrig-Zürichsee AG
  • / Alpwirtschaft Zwäcken
    Photo: Einsiedeln-Ybrig-Zürichsee AG
  • / Laucherenchappelen
    Photo: Einsiedeln-Ybrig-Zürichsee AG
  • / Grosser Mythen von der Windegg
    Photo: Einsiedeln-Ybrig-Zürichsee AG
  • /
    Photo: Einsiedeln-Ybrig-Zürichsee AG
  • / Mythen vom Laucherenstöckli
    Photo: Einsiedeln-Ybrig-Zürichsee AG
m 2000 1500 1000 500 30 25 20 15 10 5 km Bergrestaurant Sternen Restaurant Gipfelstubli Rotenflue Spirstock Restaurant Fuederegg Passhöhe Ibergeregg

The first mountain bike - cableway tour in Central Switzerland offers a unique mountain panorama with flowing single trails and varied gastronomy.
33.6 km
3:30 h
2019 m
2022 m
The Mythen region - Hoch-Ybrig cableway tour offers all-mountain, enduro and tour riders a great experience. No matter where you start, the cableway tour can be tailored to your preferences. Of the total of 1997 metres in elevation gain, 1691 metres are covered by the Rotenfluebahn gondola cableway (Mythen region) and Laucheren and Sternen chairlifts (Hoch-Ybrig). Sporty mountain bikers are free to pedal up instead! Less experienced single trail riders are also free to come down on asphalted roads where they exist. The cableways save a lot of time as well as energy. It means you have more time to enjoy the unique views from restaurant terraces – or go round a section twice.

Author’s recommendation

A ride on the Sternensauser zipline in Hoch-Ybrig offers an additional adrenaline kick! User
Einsiedeln-Ybrig-Zürichsee AG / Hauptstrasse 85 / 8840 Einsiedeln
Updated: July 08, 2020

S1 moderate
Highest point
1822 m
Lowest point
598 m
Best time of year

Rest Stop

Alpwirtschaft Zwäcken
Restaurant Gipfelstubli Rotenflue
Bergrestaurant Lauchern
Bergrestaurant Sternen
Restaurant Fuederegg
Passhöhe Ibergeregg
Skihaus Adlerhorst

Safety information

The route does not yet have any service points for bike repairs. You should therefore carry the appropriate kit for minor repairs. Accepted "trail tolerance" guidelines apply to the entire tour:

 "Walkers and mountain bikers use the same paths without restrictions. This is made possible by a tolerant and considerate attitude on all sides. Mountain bikers slow down to walking pace when overtaking and stop when encountering walkers on narrow paths to make way for them. Mountain bikers brake carefully to avoid blocking the wheels and damaging the trails; they also do not leave the trails. Walkers accept mountain bikers as equal users of the path and give way wherever possible and reasonable."

Tips, hints and links

If the weather looks uncertain, consult the cableways' websites (visitor information: +41 55 414 17 56 or +41 55 414 60 60) and (+41 41 819 70 00) before setting off. When planning your trip, factor in the lunch breaks of the Hoch-Ybrig chairlifts.

You can purchase tickets for both areas' cableways at the lower termini of the Rickenfluebahn cableway in Rickenbach / SZ and Laucheren chairlift in Oberiberg / SZ. Cost: CHF 38 per person including bike transport. Children up to 16 pay CHF 14 per person including bike transport. This price includes one ascent on the Rotenfluebahn cableway and one on the Laucheren and Sternen chairlifts.

Annual ticket holders of one of the regions can also purchase a day ticket for the other region at either terminus at the regular rates (CHF 19 / CHF 7). Hoch-Ybrig annual ticket holders pay an additional CHF 10 for the transport of bikes on the Rotenfluebahn cableway.


Rotenfluebahn lower terminus in Rickenbach / SZ or Laucheren Hoch-Ybrig lower terminus in Oberiberg / SZ (607 m)
47.014757, 8.669223
32T 474859 5206857


At the starting point (round trip)

Turn-by-turn directions

Starting point: Laucheren Hoch-Ybrig lower terminus, Oberiberg / SZ 

To take things easy, take the Laucheren chairlift to the Steinboden upper terminus. From Steinboden (Laucheren upper terminus) you follow the "Fuederegg" and "Seebli" footpath signs on a gravel path to Fuederegg. Once at Fuederegg, follow the "Seebli" and "Kl. Sternen" footpath signs on an asphalted road with a short descent and a short counter climb, past delightful Lake Seebli, to the lower terminus of the Sternen chairlift adjacent to the Seebli upper terminus. The Sternen chairlift takes you up to alt. 1809 m, the highest point of the tour. On arrival, follow the footpath signs to "Ibergeregg". In front of you lies a high-level trail offering an impressive panorama, before a short descent on a gravel road takes you to the signpost at Nühüttli (alt. 1662 m): follow the gravel road for about 240 m until you reach Nätschboden. At Nätschboden you can now follow the MTB waymarking "Hoch-Ybrig Bike 967" or footpath waymarking "Laucherenchappelen" and "Ibergeregg". After a short ascent you reach the Laucherenchappelen from where you continue straight on towards Ibergeregg (as per the footpath or MTB waymarking). Following the gravel path, the trail climbs slightly from Laucherenchappelen before descending rapidly to Sternenegg. At Sternenegg continue straight on (footpath waymarking "Ober Altberg" and "Ibergeregg" or MTB waymarking "Hoch-Ybrig Bike 967") before you reach a fork about 650 m later. Turn left and follow "Hoch-Ybrig Bike 967" or the footpath waymarking "Ober Altberg". Again 450 m later after a descent you arrive at the Ober Altberg alp (alt. 1433 m). Now follow the signs for "Ibergeregg" or "Hoch-Ybrig Bike 967" and turn right into a technical single trail which leads you to the Ibergeregg pass road. Continue along the pass road (approx. 360 m) up to the pass summit. Immediately before the pass summit, a signpost to "Grossenboden" and "Hand" on the left side of the road leads you on a single trail through some pristine moorland. Head downhill towards "Handgruobi", where the first part of the long downhill is completed at the restaurant at Hand. This is where you cross the Ibergeregg pass road and follow the footpath signs to "Uf Ibrig": the single trail fun continues. A scenically varied and wonderfully flowing section awaits. Following the signs for "Uf Ibrig", you reach a fork in the road via Chaisten 1.83 km later near Lothenbach (alt. 822 m). Turn left and follow the signs to "Uf Ibrig" until you arrive in Ufibrig. Following the road towards "Gibel" you reach the Chätziboden 290 m later, where you follow the footpath waymarking to "Gibelhorn" or the MTB waymarking "Schwyzer Tour 961". Another 640 m further on at Gibel, stay on the road and do NOT follow the footpath waymarking to "Gibelhorn", but the MTB waymarking "Schwyzer Tour 961". Follow the signage for approx. 3.3 km around the Gibelhorn on a wonderful forest trail until you reach another footpath sign. Here you can follow the footpath to Rickenbach (single trail) or continue on the MTB route "Schwyzer Tour 961", which leads you shortly afterwards on an asphalted road to Rickenbach. Following the single trail / footpath to Rickenbach, another 1.2 km later you reach an asphalted road, on which, 650 m later and partly through a residential quarter, you reach the Rotenfluebahn lower terminus in Rickenbach.



Laucheren lower terminus – Steinboden – Fuederegg – Seebli – Sternen – Nühüttli – Nätschboden – Laucherenchappelen – Sternenegg – Ober Altberg – Ibergeregg – Grossenboden – Hand – Lothenbach – Uf Ibrig – Gibel – Richenbach – Rotenflue lower terminus


Starting point: Rotenfluebahn lower terminus in Rickenbach / SZ

The Rotenfluebahn cableway provides a labour-saving way of reaching the Rotenflue (alt. 1571 m). Enjoy the magnificent views of the Schwyz valley, Lake Lucerne and the striking alpine panorama. From the Rotenflue, follow the footpath signs for Ibergeregg for about 150 m before turning right on a short 340 m trail down, then sharp left. The slightly ascending trail takes you approx. 420 m later on to a point where you turn right straight down to Stägleren (take care: no waymarking!). From Stägleren you can now follow the footpath signs for Ibergeregg. On this unmade road, you pass the Müsliegg and Zwäcken to arrive at the car park at the Ibergeregg pass. Just before the car park, follow the footpath waymarking for Oberiberg. There follows an exciting, 1.8 km long single trail, which takes you to Hobacher. The fun continues as you follow the footpath signs to Oberiberg until you reach the Laucheren chairlift car park in Oberiberg 2 km later.



Rotenflue lower terminus – Rotenflue – Stägleren – Müsliegg – Zwäcken – Ibergeregg – Hobacher – Laucheren lower terminus


Additional climbing

MTBers wishing to pedal off some additional metres can renounce the Laucheren chairlift in Oberiberg and tackle the steep ascent to Fuederegg on the Hoch-Ybrig. From the Laucheren car park take the road back towards the village of Oberiberg and then turn right towards Ibergeregg. 570 m later, turn left until you reach Fuederegg (alt. 400 m). If you still want more, forego the Sternen chairlift and continue climbing the road to Nätschboden. That puts a further 161 m of elevation gain under your belt. For additional metres, forego the Rotenfluebahn and climb the 806 metres from the Rotenflue lower terminus to the Ibergeregg (on the pass road).


Novice single trail riders

From the Ibergeregg you can also follow the pass road instead of the trail to Hand for the descent, which also brings you to Hand. Then follow either the route or the pass road down to the Rotenfluebahn lower terminus in Rickenbach / SZ. For the descent from the Ibergeregg to Oberiberg, you can take the Ibergeregg pass road again instead of the trail via Hobacher to reach the Laucheren chair lift car park in Oberiberg.


Nature protection area Ibergeregg: December 01 - March 31
all notes on protected areas

Public transport

Public transport friendly

  • From Schwyz railway station: bus no. 3 (Auto Schwyz AG) to "Rickenbach, Dorf" (journey time: 14 min., every 20 min.)
  • From Einsiedeln railway station: PostBus no. 555 to "Hoch-Ybrig Talstation Laucheren im Oberiberg" (journey time: 35 min., every hour)

Getting there

 Start: Rotenfluebahn cableway Rickenbach/SZ

Take the A4 motorway to the Seewen/Schwyz exit. Then main road via Schwyz to Rickenbach and the Rotenfluebahn.

Start: Laucheren lower terminus, Hoch-Ybrig in Oberiberg/SZ

Take the A3 motorway from Zurich to the Richterswil exit (junction 37) or from Chur to the Schindellegi exit (junction 39). Then main road to Einsiedeln and Unteriberg. At Unteriberg turn left to Oberiberg for the Laucheren chairlift.



Small fee-paying car park at the Rotenfluebahn. If full, see here:

Laucheren Hoch-Ybrig:

The large car park by the terminus is free for holders of a valid chairlift ticket.

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike


The usual mountain bike equipment. A full-suspension MTB increases the fun factor on this route!

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Erich Betschart
March 26, 2020 · Community
Donnerstag, 26. März 2020 16:54:24
Photo: Erich Betschart, Community
René Stump
September 12, 2019 · Community
Das Panorama ist der Hammer, vor allem der immer wieder sichtbare Mythen ist beeindruckend. Der Weg ist manchmal mit grossen Steinen versetzt, das verhindert mehr Flow. Singletrails gibt es immer wieder, aber die Abfahrten sind an einzelnen Stellen recht anspruchsvoll. Die offizielle Beschilderung weicht manchmal leicht vom GPS Track ab. Insgesamt aber eine schöne Tour.
show more
Done at July 26, 2019
Photo: René Stump, Community
Photo: René Stump, Community
ron petersen
August 26, 2019 · Community
Achtung Marketingfalle zwar wunderschoene Aussicht aber mit "MTB", "Enduro" oder "Trails" hat das nichts zu tun - das recht aktuelle Marketingvideo täuscht ungemein.. Singletrails sucht man vergeblich - dafuer gibts Ladungen voller Hardtail-.Ebike Rentner und unzaehlige Familien sowie Wandergruppen, die sich alle den extrem langweiligen Skiziehweg teilen dürfen. Hatten die Hoffnung bis auf die letzten paar hundert Höhenmeter eigentlich nicht aufgeben wollen - aber es blieb so öde. Das Skigebiet will hier wohl schnell und billig Geld in die Kassen spielen ohne wirklich etwas fuer anbieten zu koennen.. PS: der DH Track ist schon seit vorletztem jahr geschlossen
show more
Done at August 25, 2019
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33.6 km
2019 m
2022 m
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